All Classes, Interfaces, Objects and Records

Name Unit Description
EPHXContentError phxClasses

Exception class for content loading

EPHXFilerError phxClasses

Exception for TPHXReader and TPHXWriter

EPHXScriptError phxScript

Exception for lua errors

EPHXSpriteError phxSprite

Exception class for sprites

EXMLError phxSimpleXML

Exception class for the xml classes

IPHXAudioDevice phxAudio

Interface for a audio device

IPHXDocument phxPersistency


IPHXNode phxPersistency


IPHXScriptObject phxScript

Interface for marking a class as scriptable with a lua script

IXMLDocument phxSimpleXML

Interface for a xml document

TBoxf phxTypes

Axis aligned bounding box with float coordinates

TBoxi phxTypes

Axis aligned bounding box with integer coordinates

TCollisionParameter phxMath

Generic collision parameter

TColor3b phxTypes

RGB Color

TColor3f phxTypes

Three channel floating point color (RGB)

TColor4b phxTypes

RGBA Color

TColor4f phxTypes

Four channel floating point color (RGBA)

THashBucket phxClasses


THashRecord phxClasses

A single hash item in a dictionary

TLuaAudio scripting

Scripting support for audio

TLuaInput scripting

Scripting support for input

TLuaKeyboard scripting

Scripting support for keyboard

TLuaMouse scripting

Scripting support for mouse

TLuaTimer scripting

Scripting support for the timer

TMatrix3 phxTypes

Three dimensional matrix

TMatrix4f phxTypes

Four dimensional matrix

TPHXAnimatedSprite phxSprite

A sprite with animation

TPHXAnimation phxImage

A animation implement a sprite animation using a image

TPHXAnimationFrame phxImage

A single frame in the animation

TPHXAnimationFrames phxImage

Container for a list of animation frames

TPHXAnimationHeader phxImage

The animation file header.

TPHXAnimationList phxImage

A container for a list of animations

TPHXAnimationSet phxImage

The animation set handles a set of animations with support for queuing animations

TPHXAnimationState phxImage

Contains the state for a animation

TPHXApplication phxApplication

Template class for the user application

TPHXAttribute phxPersistency

A attribute contains a value in a node

TPHXAttributes phxPersistency

List of attributes

TPHXAudioEngine phxAudio

The audio engine is used to play audio using a audio provider

TPHXAudioProvider phxAudio

The audio provider is the factory function for creating audio devices

TPHXAudioSample phxAudio

A Audio source that is loaded into memory before playing

TPHXAudioSamples phxAudio

List of audio samples

TPHXAudioSource phxAudio

Abstract audio source

TPHXAudioStream phxAudio

A audio source that is streamed from disk when playing Use this for music

TPHXAudioStreams phxAudio

List of audio samples

TPHXBackgroundSprite phxSprite

A tiled background sprite with support for parallax scrolling

TPHXBassDevice phxAudio_Bass

Audio device for Bass See: IPHXAudioDevice

TPHXBassProvider phxAudio_Bass

Provider for Bass See: TPHXAudioProvider

TPHXBassSample phxAudio_Bass

Audio sample for Bass See: TPHXAudioSample

TPHXBassStream phxAudio_Bass

Audio stream for Bass See: TPHXAudioStream

TPHXBitmap phxGraphics

The bitmap is a class for manipulating the pixels of a graphic

TPHXBox phxShape

Box shape

TPHXBuffer phxClasses

Buffer for rendering primitives

TPHXCamera phxCamera

Abstract camera class

TPHXCamera2D phxCamera

2D camera with a orthographic projection matrix

TPHXCamera3D phxCamera

constructor Create(ADevice: TPHXDevice); override; Property Input: TPHXInput; 3D camera with a perspective projection matrix

TPHXCameraISO phxCamera

glPushMatrix(); glMatrixMode(GL_PROJECTION); glLoadIdentity(); glOrtho(-(width/2)/zoom, (width/2)/zoom, -(height/2)/zoom, (height/2)/zoom, nearZ, farZ); glMatrixMode(GL_MODELVIEW); glLoadIdentity(); glRotated(-60,1,0,0); glRotated(45,0,0,1); glPopMatrix();

TPHXCameraManager phxCamera


TPHXCanvas phxCanvas

Canvas class for rendering 2D primitives

TPHXCharacter phxFont


TPHXCharacterBuffer phxFont

The data required to render a single character

TPHXCharacterList phxFont

List of characters

TPHXCircle phxShape

Circle shape

TPHXColorList4f phxClasses

List of TPHXColorList4f

TPHXConsole phxConsole

The console class

TPHXConsoleColor3f phxConsole

A console item containing a TColor3f variable

TPHXConsoleColor4f phxConsole

A console item containing a TColor4f variable

TPHXConsoleFunction phxConsole

A console item containing a function call

TPHXConsoleItem phxConsole

Abstract console item

TPHXConsoleItems phxConsole

Container for a list of console items

TPHXConsoleLine phxConsole

A single line in the console

TPHXConsoleLines phxConsole

Lines in the console

TPHXConsoleParameter phxConsole

A parameter for the console

TPHXConsoleParameters phxConsole

List of parameters for the console

TPHXConsoleVariable1b phxConsole

Console item containing a boolean variable

TPHXConsoleVariable1i phxConsole

Console item containing a integer variable

TPHXConsoleVariable4f phxConsole

Console item containing a TVector4 variable

TPHXConsoleVariableString phxConsole

Console item containing a integer variable

TPHXContentLoader phxClasses

The default content loader

TPHXContentManager phxClasses

Helper class for loading content from files

TPHXCustomEffect phxEffect

The effect is a device independent implementation of pixel and fragment shaders.

TPHXDDSFiler phxGraphics_DDS

Graphic filer for loading DDS images

TPHXDefaultCamera2D phxCamera

A camera that can be panned using the right mouse button

TPHXDevice phxDevice

The device manages a graphics device and its window

TPHXDeviceEvent phxEvents


TPHXDeviceParameters phxDevice

Allow resizing of the window Activate vertical syncronisation Show the cursor Parameters that are sent to the initialize function of the device

TPHXDictionary phxClasses


TPHXDisplay phxDevice

Manager class for display modes

TPHXDisplayMode phxClasses

Describes one video mode

TPHXDisplayModes phxClasses

Maintans a a list of supported video modes

TPHXDocument phxPersistency


TPHXDocumentHeader phxPersistency

Header struct for documents

TPHXEditorCamera phxCamera

The editor is a camera that rotates around a point in the scene

TPHXEffect phxEffect

The effect is a device independent implementation of pixel and fragment shaders.

TPHXEvent phxEvents

Union event record

TPHXEventInstance phxEvents


TPHXEvents phxEvents

Singleton class for managing events

TPHXFiler phxClasses

Base filer class for the reader and writer classes

TPHXFont phxFont


TPHXFontHeader phxFont

The font file header.

TPHXFontList phxFont

Container for a list of fonts

TPHXFreeImageFiler phxGraphics_FreeImage

The graphic filer for FreeImage

TPHXGameScreen phxApplication

A game screen is

TPHXGameScreens phxApplication

Manager for game screens

TPHXGameTransition phxApplication

Controls transitions when opening and closing screens

TPHXGraph1f phxParticleGraphs

A graph is a interpolation class for interpolating values

TPHXGraph1i phxParticleGraphs

A graph is a interpolation class for interpolating values

TPHXGraph3f phxParticleGraphs

A graph is a interpolation class for interpolating values

TPHXGraphCf phxParticleGraphs

A graph is a generic interpolation class for interpolating values

TPHXGraphic phxGraphics

Container for a graphics image of a given size and format

TPHXGraphicFiler phxGraphics

Class for loading and saving graphics images

TPHXGraphicFormat phxGraphics

A graphic format is a description of a file format and the graphic importer

TPHXGraphicFormats phxGraphics

Container for a list of graphic formats

TPHXGraphicHeader phxGraphics

The header for graphic files

TPHXGraphicReader phxGraphics


TPHXGraphicWriter phxGraphics


TPHXGraphKey1f phxParticleGraphs

Graph key for Single

TPHXGraphKey1i phxParticleGraphs

Graph key for Integers

TPHXGraphKey3f phxParticleGraphs

Graph key for TVector3f

TPHXGraphKeyCf phxParticleGraphs

Graph key for TColor4f

TPHXGraphKeyList1f phxParticleGraphs


TPHXGraphKeyList1i phxParticleGraphs


TPHXGraphKeyList3f phxParticleGraphs


TPHXGraphKeyList4c phxParticleGraphs


TPHXImage phxImage

The image is a container for a texture and supports patterns and tags

TPHXImageHeader phxImage

The image file header.

TPHXImageList phxImage

Contains a list of images

TPHXImagingFiler phxGraphics_Vampyre

The graphic filer for the Vampyre Imaging Library

TPHXIndexList phxTypes

Container for vertex indicies

TPHXInput phxInput

The input class manages different input devices

TPHXInputBinding phxInput

Binds a input state to a device

TPHXInputBindings phxInput

List of input bindings for the device

TPHXInputDevice phxInput

Abstract input device

TPHXInputDevices phxInput

List of input devices

TPHXIsometricMap phxTiles

Class for isometric tiles

TPHXJoystick phxInput

Input device for a joystick

TPHXJoystickEvent phxEvents


TPHXKerning phxFont

Describes the kerning for two characters

TPHXKerningList phxFont

List of kerning pairs

TPHXKeyboard phxInput

Input device for the keyboard

TPHXKeyboardEvent phxEvents

Event parameters for the keyboard events (PHX_KEY_PRESSED, PHX_KEY_RELEASED or PHX_KEY_CHARACTER)

TPHXLanguage phxTranslation

A language containing a list of tags for translations

TPHXLanguageTag phxTranslation

A single tag for a language

TPHXLanguageTags phxTranslation

Contains a list of tags for a language

TPHXLine phxShape

Line shape

TPHXLogger phxLogger

Logging framework

TPHXLogHandler phxLogger

Abstract handler for log messages

TPHXLogHandlerEvent phxLogger

Log handler that calls a event for each log

TPHXLogHandlerText phxLogger

Log handler that print log messages to a simple text file

TPHXLogSystemConsole phxLogger


TPHXLogSystemStrings phxLogger

Log system that adds messages to a string list

TPHXLogSystemXML phxLogger


TPHXMesh phxModel

Basic mesh class

TPHXMeshGroup phxModel


TPHXMeshGroups phxModel


TPHXMeshHeader phxModel

The file header for meshes.

TPHXMeshJoint phxModel


TPHXMeshJoints phxModel


TPHXMeshMaterial phxModel


TPHXMeshTag phxModel


TPHXMeshTags phxModel


TPHXMeshTexture phxModel

A texture for the mesh

TPHXMeshTextures phxModel


TPHXMeshTriangle phxModel

A single tiangle in the mesh

TPHXMeshTriangles phxModel

List of verticies for a mesh

TPHXMeshVertex phxModel

A single vertex in the mesh

TPHXMeshVertices phxModel

List of verticies for a mesh

TPHXMouse phxInput

Input device for the mouse

TPHXMouseEvent phxEvents

Event parameters for the mouse events (PHX_MOUSE_PRESSED, PHX_MOUSE_RELEASED or PHX_MOUSE_MOVED)

TPHXNode phxPersistency


TPHXNodes phxPersistency

List of document nodes

TPHXNotifications phxClasses


TPHXOpenALDevice phxAudio_OpenAL

Audio device for OpenAL See: IPHXAudioDevice

TPHXOpenALProvider phxAudio_OpenAL

Provider for OpenAL See: TPHXAudioProvider

TPHXOpenALSample phxAudio_OpenAL

Audio sample for OpenAL See: TPHXAudioSample

TPHXOpenALStream phxAudio_OpenAL

Audio stream for OpenAL See: TPHXAudioStream

TPHXParticle phxParticle


TPHXParticleAffector phxParticle

The affector is a plugin for a particle emittor that adds new functionality to the particle effect

TPHXParticleAffectors phxParticle


TPHXParticleAttractor phxParticleAffectors

Attracts particles towards a point

TPHXParticleCuller phxParticleAffectors

Kills particles when they exits a box that is centered around the particle system position

TPHXParticleEffect phxParticle

The particle efffect contains the parameters for a particle system

TPHXParticleEffects phxParticle


TPHXParticleEmittor phxParticle

Emittor settings for a particle effect

TPHXParticleGraph phxParticleGraphs

Abstract particle graph

TPHXParticleGraphs phxParticleGraphs


TPHXParticleHeader phxParticle

The file header for particle effects

TPHXParticleList phxParticle

A list of particles

TPHXParticleManager phxParticle


TPHXParticleParameter1f phxParticle

Float particle parameter

TPHXParticleParameter1w phxParticle

If the particles should be moved with the owning particle system, If this particle system should be idle until the parent system is finished Word particle parameter

TPHXParticleParameter3f phxParticle

Vector3f particle parameter

TPHXParticleParameterCf phxParticle


TPHXParticlePresets phxParticlePresets


TPHXParticleSystem phxParticle

The particle system is a instance of a particle effect

TPHXParticleSystems phxParticle

List of particle systems

TPHXPathFinder phxTiles

Class for finding a path between two points on a tile map

TPHXPathNode phxTiles


TPHXPattern phxImage

A single pattern in a image

TPHXPatternBuffer phxImage

Contains the information needed to render a pattern

TPHXPatternList phxImage

List of patterns

TPHXPixel phxGraphics

A single pixel in a graphic image

TPHXPoint phxShape

A point shape

TPHXPolygon phxShape

Convex polygon shape

TPHXPrimitives phxPrimitives

Class for rendering primitives

TPHXProvider phxDevice

A provider is responsible for creating a device for a given graphics API

TPHXProviderDialog phxProviderSelector

For EnumDisplaySettings For the form controls Provides a dialog to select the provider and resolution

TPHXProviderForm phxProviderSelector

The form to use for the provider dialog

TPHXProviderLibrary phxDevice

Provider that loads the renderer from a library (DLL)

TPHXProviderObject phxDevice

Provider that loads the renderer from a object

TPHXReader phxClasses

The reader is a helper class for writing properties to a stream

TPHXRectangularMap phxTiles


TPHXRecti phxClasses

Container for a TRecti

TPHXRenderTarget phxDevice

A render target for render to texture

TPHXScript phxScript

Class for implement scripting support via lua

TPHXScriptFiler phxScript


TPHXScriptParam phxScript

Helper class for reading a value from the lua stack

TPHXScriptParams phxScript

Helper class for reading parameters to a scriptable function

TPHXScriptProp phxScript

Property information about a lua object

TPHXScriptReader phxScript

Helper class for reading and writing properties to a script

TPHXScriptResults phxScript

Helper class for setting results from a scriptable function

TPHXScriptWriter phxScript


TPHXSDLImageFiler phxGraphics_SDL

The graphic filer for SDL_Image

TPHXShape phxShape

Abstract shape class

TPHXShapeHeader phxShape

The shape file header.

TPHXShapeList phxShape

List of shapes

TPHXShortCut phxInput

Shortcut for bindings and events

TPHXSimpleGUI phxSimpleGUI

The simple gui class

TPHXSingleList phxClasses

List container for floats

TPHXSkin phxSkin

Contains a list of skin elements

TPHXSkinElement phxSkin

Contains the texture coordinates and properties for a element describing the apperance for a control in a given state

TPHXSkinElementList phxSkin


TPHXSkinHeader phxSkin

The skin file header.

TPHXSkinTransition phxSkin

Class for managing transitions between skin states

TPHXSoundDevice phxAudio

Information about a sound device

TPHXSoundDeviceList phxAudio

List container for floats

TPHXSprite phxSprite

Basic sprite

TPHXSpriteCamera phxSprite

Sprite camera

TPHXSpriteCollider phxSprite

The collider class is responsible for testing for collisions

TPHXSpriteCollision phxSprite

Contains a pair of sprites in a collision

TPHXSpriteCollisionList phxSprite

Contains a list of collision pairs

TPHXSpriteEngine phxSprite

Sort sprites by the layer Call the collide function from the update Cull sprites that are outside the viewport Limit scrolling so it doesnt go outside the engine bounds Sprite engine

TPHXSpriteFactory phxSprite

The factory is used to create sprites by name

TPHXSpriteFactoryItem phxSprite

This class is used by the sprite factory to create sprites by name

TPHXSpriteList phxSprite

Container for a list of sprites

TPHXTag phxImage

A tag is used to mark an interesting position in the image, could be used to specify weapon hardpoints, sprite attatchments etc

TPHXTagList phxImage

List of tags

TPHXTextMetric phxFont

Contains basic information about a font

TPHXTexture phxTexture

Container for a 2D bitmap texture

TPHXTextureHeader phxTexture

The texture file header.

TPHXTextureList phxTexture

Container for a list of textures

TPHXTextureSettings phxTexture

Settings for generating a texture

TPHXTileLayer phxTiles

A single layer in a tile map

TPHXTileMap phxTiles Abstract tile map

TPHXTileNeighbour phxTiles

This descibes a neighbour to a tile

TPHXTilePath phxTiles


TPHXTileSet phxTiles


TPHXTranslationManager phxTranslation

Class for managing languages

TPHXUserEvent phxEvents

Event parameters for the user event (PHX_EVENT_USER)

TPHXVectorList2f phxClasses

List of TVector2f

TPHXVectorList2i phxClasses

List of TVector2i

TPHXVectorList3f phxClasses

List of TVector3f

TPHXVertex phxTypes

Phoenix vertex format, comparable with the interleaved format: GL_T2F_C4F_N3F_V3F

TPHXVertexDeclaration phxTypes

TPHXVertexList phxTypes

Container for verticies

TPHXWriter phxClasses

The writer is a helper class for writing properties to a stream

TRangef phxTypes

Range describes a span between a minimum and maximum value

TRectf phxTypes

Floating point rectangle

TRectI phxTypes

Integer rectangle

TSizef phxTypes

Floating size struct

TSizei phxTypes

Integer size struct

TVector2d phxTypes

Two dimensional double precision float vector

TVector2f phxTypes

Two dimensional single precision float vector

TVector2i phxTypes

Two dimensional integer vector

TVector3f phxTypes

Three dimensional single precision vector

TVector3i phxTypes

Three diminsional integer vector

TVector4f phxTypes

Four diminsional float vector

TVector4i phxTypes

Four diminsional integer vector

TViewport phxTypes

Viewport struct

TXMLAttribute phxSimpleXML

A attribute for a xml node

TXMLAttributeList phxSimpleXML

List of attributes for a xml node

TXMLDocument phxSimpleXML

Contains an xml document

TXMLNode phxSimpleXML


TXMLNodeList phxSimpleXML


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