All Types

Name Unit Description
PAnimationFrameList phxImage

Pointer to the array of animation frames

PAnimationList phxImage

Pointer to a array of animations

PAttributeList phxSimpleXML


PAttributeList phxPersistency


PAudioSampleList phxAudio


PAudioStreamList phxAudio


PBindingList phxInput


PBoxf phxTypes


PBoxi phxTypes


PByteArray phxTypes


PCharacterList phxFont


PColor3b phxTypes


PColor3f phxTypes


PColor4b phxTypes


PColor4f phxTypes

Pointer to TColor4f

PColorList3f phxTypes


PColorList4f phxTypes


PConsoleItemList phxConsole


PConsoleLineList phxConsole


PDisplayModeList phxClasses


PFontList phxFont


PGraphicFormatList phxGraphics


PGraphKeyList1f phxParticleGraphs


PGraphKeyList1i phxParticleGraphs


PGraphKeyList3f phxParticleGraphs


PGraphKeyListCf phxParticleGraphs


PHashRecordList phxClasses


PIndexList phxTypes


PInputDeviceList phxInput

Pointer a array of input devices

PIntegerList phxTypes

List of integer values

PKerningList phxFont


PMatrix3 phxTypes

Pointer to a TMatrix3

PMatrix4 phxTypes

Pointer to a TMatrix4f

PMeshGroupList phxModel


PMeshJointList phxModel


PMeshTagList phxModel


PMeshTextureList phxModel


PMeshTriangleList phxModel


PMeshVertexList phxModel


PMethod phxEvents


PNodeList phxPersistency


PNodeList phxSimpleXML


PParticleAffectorList phxParticle


PParticleList phxParticle


PParticleSystemList phxParticle


PPathNodeList phxTiles


PPatternList phxImage

Pointer to a array of patterns

PPHXCharacter phxFont

Font glyphs X | Width | Y —+—————+————–+———– | | | YOffset | ###### | ####### +—- | # # | # # | | # # | # # | Height | ######## | ###### | TPHXCharacterSet.Base | # # | # # | | # # | # # | | # # | ####### +———– | | | —+—-+———-+—+———-+ | | | |XOff| XAdvance |

Describes a single character.

PPHXEvent phxEvents

Pointer to a phoenix event

PPHXIndex phxTypes


PPHXMeshGroup phxModel

Pointer to a group in the mesh

PPHXMeshJoint phxModel


PPHXMeshTag phxModel


PPHXMeshTexture phxModel

Pointer to a group in the mesh

PPHXMeshTriangle phxModel


PPHXMeshVertex phxModel


PPHXParticle phxParticle

A single particle

PPHXPattern phxImage

Pattern pointer

PPHXPixel phxGraphics

Pixel pointer

PPHXPixelList phxGraphics


PPHXVertex phxTypes

Pointer to a vertex

PRectf phxTypes


PRectI phxTypes


PShapeList phxShape


PSingleList phxTypes

List of single values

PSkinElementList phxSkin


PSoundDeviceList phxAudio


PSpriteCollisionList phxSprite

Pointer to a array of sprite collision par

PSpriteFactoryItemList phxSprite


PSpriteList phxSprite

List of sprites

PTagList phxImage


PTextureList phxTexture


PTileList phxTiles


PTranslationTagList phxTranslation


PVector2d phxTypes


PVector2f phxTypes


PVector2i phxTypes


PVector3f phxTypes


PVector3i phxTypes


PVector4f phxTypes


PVector4i phxTypes


PVectorList2d phxTypes


PVectorList2f phxTypes


PVectorList2i phxTypes


PVectorList3f phxTypes


PVectorList3i phxTypes


PVectorList4f phxTypes


PVectorList4i phxTypes


PVertexList phxTypes


PViewport phxTypes


TAnimationFrameList phxImage

Array of animation frames

TAnimationList phxImage

Array of animations

TAttributeList phxPersistency


TAttributeList phxSimpleXML


TAudioSampleList phxAudio


TAudioStreamList phxAudio


TBindingList phxInput


TByteArray phxTypes


TCharacterList phxFont


TColor32 phxTypes

RGBA color

TColorList3f phxTypes


TColorList4f phxTypes


TConsoleItemList phxConsole


TConsoleLineList phxConsole


TDisplayModeList phxClasses


TFontList phxFont


TGetPixel phxGraphics

Function callback for getting one pixel in a image

TGraphicFormatList phxGraphics


TGraphKeyList1f phxParticleGraphs


TGraphKeyList1i phxParticleGraphs


TGraphKeyList3f phxParticleGraphs


TGraphKeyListCf phxParticleGraphs


TGUIIdent phxSimpleGUI

Identifier for gui controls

THashRecordList phxClasses


THexDirection phxTiles

TIndexList phxTypes


TInputDeviceList phxInput

Array of input devices

TIntegerList phxTypes


TKerningList phxFont


TLuaFunction phxScript

Lua object function

TLuaPushFunction phxScript

Function for pushing a object onto the lua stack

TLuaState phxScript

Lua state

TMatrix3m phxTypes

Elements for two dimension array access for a matrix

TMatrix3v phxTypes

Elements for one dimension array access for a matrix

TMatrix4 phxTypes


TMatrix4fm phxTypes

Elements for two dimension array access for a matrix

TMatrix4fv phxTypes

Elements for one dimension array access for a matrix

TMeshGroupList phxModel


TMeshJointList phxModel


TMeshTagList phxModel


TMeshTextureList phxModel


TMeshTriangleList phxModel


TMeshVertexList phxModel


TNodeList phxSimpleXML


TNodeList phxPersistency


TParticleAffectorList phxParticle


TParticleList phxParticle


TParticleSystemList phxParticle


TPathNodeList phxTiles


TPatternList phxImage

Array of patterns

TPHXAlignment phxFont

Text alignment for a single line

TPHXAudioProviderClass phxAudio


TPHXBlendMode phxTypes

Changes the current blend mode

TPHXBufferUsage phxClasses

Vertex usage for vertex and index buffers

TPHXCharacterMap phxFont

Maps a character by the unicode number to a index in the character list

TPHXClearTarget phxDevice

Clear targets for TPHXDevice.Clear

TPHXConsoleCallback phxConsole

Event for the console function item

TPHXConsoleState phxConsole

State for the console

TPHXContentKind phxClasses

Enueration of content types

TPHXDocumentFormat phxPersistency

Format for document files

TPHXEmissionMode phxParticle

Emission mode of an particle emittor

TPHXEventListener phxEvents

Event listener for adding to the event

TPHXEventType phxEvents

Event types

TPHXFontStyle phxFont

Font style

TPHXFontStyles phxFont

Set of font styles

TPHXFontWrap phxFont

Wrapping mode for fonts

TPHXGameScreenClass phxApplication


TPHXGraphicCompression phxGraphics


TPHXIndex phxTypes


TPHXInputSource phxInput

Source a binding is originating from

TPHXInputState phxInput

{$MINENUMSIZE 4} Posssible input states

TPHXInputStates phxInput

Set of input states

TPHXJoystickAxis phxTypes

Joystick axes enumeration

TPHXJoystickButton phxTypes

Joystick button enumeration

TPHXJoystickIndex phxTypes

Joystick index enumeration

TPHXKeyEvent phxEvents

Event for key press or release

TPHXLogEvent phxLogger


TPHXLogLevel phxLogger

The four log levels

TPHXMeshTextureKind phxModel


TPHXMouseButton phxTypes

Mouse button enumeration

TPHXMouseButtonEvent phxEvents

Event for mouse buttons

TPHXMouseMoveEvent phxEvents

Event for mouse movement

TPHXNotification phxClasses


TPHXNotificationEvent phxClasses


TPHXParticleAffectorClass phxParticle


TPHXParticleBlending phxParticle

Blending for each particle system

TPHXParticleEmittorShape phxParticle

Shape for the emittor

TPHXParticleOptions phxParticle

Options for particle effects

TPHXParticlePatternSize phxParticle

Size of the pattterns for a particle, for speed only rectangular patterns is suppported

TPHXParticleRenderer phxParticle

Render callback used to render a list of particles

TPHXParticleShape phxParticle

Shape of the particles, determines the particle renderer to use

TPHXPathInterpolation phxParticleGraphs

1024; Interpolation type

TPHXPatternCompare phxImage

Comparision function for patterns

TPHXPatternIndex phxImage

Datatype for pattern indicies

TPHXPixelChannel phxGraphics


TPHXPixelFormat phxGraphics

Supported pixel formats

TPHXPixelList phxGraphics


TPHXPrimitiveType phxTypes

Defines the type of primitive to be rendered.

TPHXProviderClass phxDevice

Provider class

TPHXProviderTarget phxDevice

The graphics API the provider is using

TPHXScriptErrorEvent phxScript

Event for script errors

TPHXScriptMethod phxScript

A function that can be registered with a script

TPHXScriptPrintEvent phxScript

Event that is called by lua print function

TPHXShapeKind phxShape

The supported shape types

TPHXShiftState phxTypes


TPHXShiftStates phxTypes

Set of shift states

TPHXSpriteClass phxSprite

Class of sprites

TPHXSpriteCollisionFilter phxSprite

Filter for masking collisions

TPHXSpriteCollisionGroup phxSprite

Collision groups for collision filtering

TPHXSpriteCollisionMode phxSprite

The collision mode for a sprite

TPHXSpriteConstructor phxSprite

Event for creating a sprite

TPHXSpriteOptions phxSprite

Sprite options

TPHXTextAlign phxFont

Text alignment for rectangles

TPHXTextureEvent phxTexture


TPHXTextureFilter phxTexture

Possible values for the texure minifying and magnification functions

TPHXTextureFilterMag phxTexture

The texture magnification function is used when the pixel being textured maps to an area less than or equal to one texture element

TPHXTextureFilterMin phxTexture

The texture minifying function is used whenever the pixel being textured maps to an area greater than one texture element.

TPHXTextureSampler phxDevice

Indicates the buffers currently enabled for color writing.

TPHXTextureWrap phxTexture

Specifies the type of the texture wrapping to use.

TPHXThemedControl phxSkin

List of controls

TPHXThemedPart phxSkin

List of parts for the controls

TPHXTile phxTiles


TPHXTimer phxApplication


TPHXTransitionMode phxApplication


TPHXValueKind phxPersistency

Load and save documents to xml using JclSimpleXml {$DEFINE DOCXML_JCL} Load and save documents to xml using the VCL Xml {$DEFINE DOCXML_VCL} Posible datatypes of attributes

TPHXVertexComponent phxTypes TPHXVertexUseage

TPHXVertexOffsets phxTypes


TPHXVirtualKey phxTypes

Virtual key codes

TPHXWindowFlags phxDevice

Flags for the window creation

TPHXWireframe phxDevice

Toggles wireframe

TProgressDirection phxSimpleGUI

Direction for the progress bar

TSetPixel phxGraphics

Function callback for getting one pixel in a image

TShapeList phxShape


TSingleList phxTypes


TSkinElementList phxSkin


TSoundDeviceList phxAudio


TSpriteCollisionList phxSprite

Array of sprite collision par

TSpriteFactoryItemList phxSprite


TSpriteList phxSprite


TTagList phxImage


TTextureList phxTexture


TTileList phxTiles


TTranslationTagList phxTranslation


TVectorList2d phxTypes


TVectorList2f phxTypes


TVectorList2i phxTypes


TVectorList3f phxTypes


TVectorList3i phxTypes


TVectorList4f phxTypes


TVectorList4i phxTypes


TVertexComponents phxTypes


TVertexKind phxTypes


TVertexList phxTypes


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