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~~NOTOC~~ {{ :wiki:phoenix-banner.png?nolink |Phoenix Game Framework}} ==== About ==== The Phoenix Game Framework is a set of classes for helping in the creation of 2D and 3D games in pascal. It contains classes for API independent device management, platform independent device creating, texture loading, image manipulation, sound support using plugins for different audio engines, input handling, sprite engine, particles, gui and much much more. One of the main features over other similar engines is the editors that helps in creating spite sheets, bitmap fonts and the other content that is needed for your game. Phoenix is mainly developed and tested on Windows, but MacOS is supported and due to the plugin nature of the engine adding support for other platforms is relatively easy. ==== Screenshots ==== {{:screenshots:screenshot01.png?direct&200|Gui}} {{:screenshots:screenshot02.png?direct&200|Particles}} {{:screenshots:screenshot03.png?direct&200|Physics sprites}} [[screenshots|See all screenshots]] ==== Downloads ==== See the release news [[news|here]]. == Current releases == |Phoenix|2013-10-15|41.9MB|{{:releases:phoenix_2013-10-15.7z|Download}}| |Phoenix|2013-09-23|40.6MB|{{:releases:phoenix_2013-09-23.7z|Download}}| |Phoenix|2013-08-26|40.4MB|{{:releases:phoenix_2013-08-26.7z|Download}}| |Phoenix|2013-08-19|39.0MB|{{:releases:phoenix_2013-08-19.7z|Download}}| == Legacy releases == |Phoenix|2009-02-04|4.4 MB|{{|Download}}| ==== API Documentation ==== This is the is the API reference for Phoenix. It is generated from the source using PasDoc and is being improved over time. [[|]] ==== Tutorials ==== There are a number of tutorials available, see the [[tutorial:index|index]] or the links below -[[tutorial:basic|Device, timer and canvas]] -[[tutorial:images|Images]] -[[tutorial:animation|Animations]] -[[tutorial:fonts|Fonts]] -[[tutorial:input|Input]] -[[tutorial:audio|Audio]] -[[tutorial:collision|Collisions]] ==== Support ==== [[|Forums]] This is the Phoenix forum at [[|Pascal Game Development]], if you need support, post it here or email me at <>. [[|Issue tracker]] If you find a bug, please enter it into the issue tracker om Google Code. ==== License ==== The Phoenix Game Framework is licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1 For a overview of the license see This basically means that you may use the code any way you want, but if you modify the Phoenix source you should publish it to the community (you don't have to release the source to your game through).

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